Bike Week 16-24 June

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June has arrived and this month's green theme is... cycling.  Bike Week 2012 is running from 16-24 June this year and it would be great if kidney units could take part. 

The main aim is to encourage colleagues (maybe even some patients) to get on their bikes and remember how much they like cycling!


What can you do? Actions for everyone:

1 - Send around an email to let colleagues know that Bike Week is happening. Maybe point them to the Bike Week journey planner:

2 - Put up some notices around the department - simple ones that you draw with a felt pen or create in Word are fine.  

3 - Talk to as many people as you can and encourage them to get their bikes out

4 - Post a few words in the Green Nephrology forum to let others know that you are taking part

Extra ideas to consider:

- Register a workplace event on the Bike Week website at - event ideas include Bikers Breakfast, Group Ride, Dr Bike/information stand

- Contact the sustainability lead at your Trust to find out if they are organising a Bike Week event.

- Look up other Bike Week events in the area:

- Do a sponsored ride and donate the money to Green Nephrology!


Bike Week

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On the unit we already have a good proportion of the male staff who regularly cycle to work (and I have been roped in to doing the London-Paris ride at the end of June for Kidney Research UK!) so hopefully this will be a good opportunity to encourage the girls to get out of their cars and onto their bikes!


Bike Week rained off for me!

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Hi there

I managed the 40 mile round trip on my cycle to work scheme road bike on tuesday but have been forced to lift share today and tomorrow.

Maybe next week I'll make up for it!


This week Bike Week!

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Bike week is here! I am trying to do the whole week without bus or car... Anyone else marking the occasion? Frances


I've had to drive to work

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I've had to drive to work today as I've got to bring a ton of stuff home but I'lll be on the bike the rest of the week and will be encouraging others to do the same!! Wish me luck!!!


Cycle and Walk Challenge involvement

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We are almost in the Top 5 in the FREE Sustrans run "Big Cycle and Walk Challenge"

2000+ miles of cycling and walking logged by NHS staff at our Trust.

Its not too late to join up!



SPOKES website link :

Bike to work ? Join Spokes, the NHS Cycling Network




Cheers Alex, I've just

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Cheers Alex, I've just registered with both of them!

I also sit on the trust's Fitter for Health' group so I'll be looking out for any more of these challenges we can get involved in


Kent Kidney Cycle Challenge

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I here there is a team cycling around all the Kent dialysis units this weekend...


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