Can we help the NHS solve the "Nicholson challenge"?

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Hi all

Last week I spoke at the annual Renal Clinical Directors' Forum, which is a meeting organised by the Renal Association for clinical directors (doctors who manage their departments) to meet and discuss issues which affect our work.  I presented data which Frances, Andy and I have produced showing the cost savings that have been achieved so far through the many excellent projects described on this website and our estimates of how much we could save as a renal community if we applied these projects widely - an impressive £7million across the UK.  In the current NHS climate, and especially at this time of year when clinical directors are being asked to find "cost improvement plans" (we don't call them budget cuts...) to go into the budget plans for the upcoming financial year, anything which can save money gets attention.  I have encouraged my fellow clinical directors to get in touch with their green reps and make the most of your ideas and enthusiasm.

So for all the green reps out there if you haven't spoken to your clinical director about green projects now is a good time to act!


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