Get behind the 10:10 Campaign by taking action in your renal unit.

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No matter how much we hear about the health threats of global warming and the benefits of low carbon lifestyles, there are times as we go about our daily lives when we can still feel powerless to make a meaningful difference. And it’s at just those times, when we don’t feel we’re making a difference, that we might find ourselves wondering why we’re bothering at all. Herein lies the beauty of the national 10:10 Campaign (, which many of you will already know about.

This year, 10:10 is bringing together thousands of individuals and organisations from across the country to work towards a common goal - a 10% cut in the UK’s carbon emissions during 2010. It’s a bold target, but for most of us (and our organisations) it’s an achievable one, and it’s in line with what the scientists are saying we need to achieve right now. And most importantly, it means that we can be sure that every little effort we make will count towards a bigger push in the right direction.

As individual kidney units are not independent organisations, they are not able to sign up formally to the 10:10 campaign. However, the Green Nephrology programme is running its own 10:10 initiative and has produced a renal unit 10:10 action checklist (available online and in downloadable poster format at So we’re urging kidney teams to support the 10:10 campaign by ticking off as many actions as possible in 2010.

Of course, staff and patients can sign up to 10:10 as individuals. Over 100 health organisations have already signed up too – find out whether your Trust is one of them at

And don’t forget to let us know of your progress as you tick off the actions on the checklist (and tell us about any barriers you might meet along the way).


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