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Donations are urgently needed to save the world’s first sustainable clinical specialty programme!

In 2009, CGH partnered with the Renal Association, the British Renal Society, the NHS Sustainable Development Unit and Baxter Healthcare to set up a Green Nephrology programme to support the transformation to sustainable kidney care.  A key success of the last year has been the creation of a Green Nephrology Fellowship (sponsored by NHS Kidney Care), seconding a renal trainee to work full time on the programme within CGH.  The Fellow has gone on to establish a network of local representatives across the UK, who are now actively working to improve the sustainability of their kidney units.  Case studies have been used to share examples of good practice, leading to uptake in other units – such as the creation of a new telephone follow up service planned in Bristol. 

[img_assist|nid=485|title=Local representatives at the NHS Kidney Care Green Nephrology Reception in May|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=270|height=209]Working intensively in kidney care, the Green Nephrology programme has demonstrated a new approach to carbon reduction in healthcare: creating a model of clinical transformation to inspire all clinical specialties.

The National Clinical Director for Kidney Services, Dr Donal O’Donoghue, has said, “Thanks to Green Nephrology, sustainability is now regarded as an integral part of quality. The work over the past year has caught the imagination of the whole kidney community and has launched a social movement to provide better, greener and leaner kidney care.”

Because of the partnership created between the clinicians, NHS management and industry, sustainable best practice is brought together to inform service redesign, commissioning and procurement, ensuring a far greater impact than could be made through a series of independent projects.

The foundation year has shown the potential benefits of Green Nephrology, but has also shown how much work there is yet to be done.

YET - unless we can find new funds, the programme will have to close down in September 2010, and we shall not be able to support the local representatives in their pioneering work. An opportunity for sustainable healthcare will sadly be lost – including the creation of a Green Nephrology online community, web-based knowledge sharing events, additional case studies and resources, and collaboration in a special educational meeting on telemedicine at the Royal Society of Medicine.

We already have £20,000 from other funders, and have been extremely lucky to have received pledges for £12,000 from two junior doctors, who are both Climate and Health Council members.  After the addition of Gift Aid, this leaves just £21,000 to raise! 

It would be wonderful to receive donations from any other supporters.

How can I donate?

We would be grateful for any support that you can give to ensure that this inspiring work can continue. If you are able to give, please donate online at

If you would like more information on the Green nephrology programme (or on the Campaign for Greener Healthcare’s other programmes) please contact: Dr Frances Mortimer, Medical Director, The Campaign for Greener Healthcare, .

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Download a summary of the Green Nephrology programme. 

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