Green Nephrology Summit 2012 - registrations open!

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Registrations open today for the Green Nephrology Summit 2012!  

The Summit will be held in London on 26 September 2012 and is an opportunity to meet up with Green Nephrology Local Representatives, share experience and help to set the direction for sustainable kidney care.  Green Nephrology Award entries are invited from local kidney units, on the themes of "zero waste" and "clinical transformation".

The Green Nephrology Summit 2010 brought together clinicians, patients, commissioners, managers and industry for a wonderful celebration of progress towards sustainable care. This year's summit promises to be even better, with active local representatives from many kidney units around the UK.

More information is available on the Summit 2012 webpage.



Patients Perspective

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My wife and I were invited to attend as patients the Green Nephrology Summit 2012. It was well managed and inspiring event. We had international perspective with a delegate from Australia who was bemused that we are controlled by Risk Assessments and seemingly insane H&S and Infection control guidelines that make progress and sustainability difficult. In Australia they have this bureaucracy under control.

We were inspired by working case studies where using primary thought, initiative and cunningness our dedicated NHS staff were able to make a real and sustainable difference by using innovative solutions. Saving acid bottle caps and swapping them for face packs is what actually happens in some areas.

I was struck by how much pooling of knowledge there is. Dedicated staff have a real will to share solutions (in a “took – kit”) that will help other hospitals solve the same problems including all aspects, technical, ethical and ideological to name a few. This prevents resources being badly used in effectively reinventing the wheel. One of the powers of the Green Nephrology Network is to showcase solutions of issues (fighting EU legislation and inane H&S and Infection Control local barriers) for the good of all.

One nephrologist shared that it is the best interests of the patients and exchequer to devote more resources preserving patients kidney function as long as possible so that they never need dialysis. This is naturally the best way forward but the dichotomy is that if successful nephroligists will do themselves out of a job. A change that needs careful thought. If challenged we are confident that the nephrologist will remember the reasons why he or she became a physician but it is up to us patients to remind our care providers that we must come first. The care provider that provided the best care for patient (even over self sacrifice) will retain the growing patient vote in recruitment and retention. {I don’t know if all hospitals, like ours, use a patient panel in interviewing senior staff. If not why not?}

The last aspect that I would like to share is there appears to be a misnomer that patients are unwilling to participate in the drive for efficiency. All patients are different and as renal patients we understand that the cost of our treatment is probably higher than the cost we have paid in taxes we we are a burden. We also know that for any insurance system to work anywhere on the planet by nature some must always receive more out that they have paid in premia. Ask the patients for help and support, some wont want to, some don’t have the skills or health to be effective but you have a vast untapped resources just waiting to be asked.


Saving bottle caps etc

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I would like to ask what is out there for saving acid caps bottle caps etc and where, ( I see below about the face packs Where??) I have heard about saving them for air ambulance, but cant find which one, and for wheel chairs. Can anyone help please 

Thank you 

C Wimbury.


Bottle caps

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It was from NHS Glasgow & Clyde (Leigh Bainbridge). I think they saved the caps and then took them to a local "Lush" beauty shop and exchanged them for face packs for staff!

Great example


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