Hot off the press: the Kings Fund Reports on Sustainable Healthcare

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The Kings Fund has published two papers on on environmentally sustainable health and social care. Both reports are based on a literature review and stakeholder consultation carried out by The King’s Fund on behalf of the National Institute for Health Research and the Social Care Institute for Excellence.

The first, entitled Sustainable Health and Social Care: Connecting environmental and financial performance provides an overview of current knowledge about the environmental impacts of health and social care and examines the evidence for a connection between sustainability, productivity improvement and other system objectives.

You can access the report for free at :

A key message is that opportunities exist to provide services in ways that are more sustainable from both an environmental and a financial point of view. The report urges policy-makers to remove barriers that discourage organisations from developing more sustainable approaches and to explore the policy changes needed to create a more enabling environment.

A more detailed version of the report, published by the National Institute for Health Research, focuses specifically on the question of what research is needed to support the development of environmentally sustainable health and social care. This report examines the research priorities and provides a framework for coordinating future research.

You can access this report at : and you'll see that the Green Nephrology Programme gets a mention!

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