New Inquiry Launched on Sustainability in the NHS

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House of Commons announcement


A year after the NHS published its SD Strategy (‘Sustainable, Resilient, Healthy People & Places’) in January 2014, the Environmental Audit Select Committee is examining whether the NHS is set up to deliver on the ambitions in that Strategy, and seeking to identify the key risks and challenges for implementing it and the achievements to date that could be built upon. The inquiry will review sustainability in local plans (eg in health and well-being strategies) and assess how recent and future changes in the health sector might affect delivery of the Strategy. The inquiry follows two others undertaken over the last two years looking at sustainability in particular departments—BIS and the Home Office.

Written submissions by 4 March are invited, although those received by 11 March might still be accepted.

Send a written submission using the form on the inquiry webpage.

Guidance on submitting evidence to Select Committees

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