New scheme rewards kidney services for green endeavours

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NHS Kidney Care has welcomed the launch of a new scheme that encourages kidney units to implement sustainable healthcare.

The ‘Green Stars’ initiative has been launched by The Campaign for Greener Healthcare. It provides a measurable mechanism by which kidney care teams can demonstrate their achievements against national criteria, while encouraging a continued effort towards sustainable healthcare across the wider kidney care community.

Kidney units are invited to apply to be awarded ‘Green Stars’ by providing evidence of their green initiatives. Achievements will be celebrated on a dedicated webpage, with case studies made publicly available on the Mapping Greener Healthcare site to illustrate real achievements and make the case for change to other units to accelerate adoption across the country.

Dr Frances Mortimer, director of the Campaign for Greener Healthcare said: “Kidney teams are leading the transformation to sustainable healthcare. Over 80% of units now have a staff green representative – working on projects from energy- and water-saving through to telemedicine and patient-centred care. We hope the ‘Green Stars’ will give visibility to this fantastic work and encourage a healthy competition between units!”

The ‘Green Stars’ initiative was launched at the 2010 Green Nephrology Summit, held to celebrate the achievements of the Campaign’s green nephrology programme. Championed by NHS Kidney Care, the programme enables individuals and teams to take an active responsibility in developing and implementing innovations to achieve more efficient and sustainable ways of working.


The summit brought together kidney care professionals, suppliers and patients to share ideas and discuss how to achieve the transformation to sustainable kidney care while improving quality and efficiency. It recognised the achievements of the programme to date, including the work of Dr Andy Connor, who has just completed a 12-month term working as the first Green Nephrology Fellow – a role established as part of NHS Kidney Care’s commitment to sustainable healthcare. Andy was presented with a Green Nephrology Award for outstanding contribution to improving the sustainability of kidney care.

[Andy Connor with Tara Collidge - Green Nephrology Fellow 2010-11]

Andy said: “The success of the Green Nephrology Programme stems from its collaborative approach - the Local Representatives, and the renal community in general, should feel very proud of the progress that is being made. I left the summit full of optimism."

Beverley Matthews, director of NHS Kidney Care: “In today’s climate, with the focus very much on providing cost efficient yet high quality services, the need for sustainable initiatives has never been greater. Green nephrology is a vital component of lean working, and I am delighted with the continued work of the Campaign for Greener Healthcare in supporting and encouraging the kidney community’s green efforts.”


Kidney teams can find out how to apply to be awarded their green stars here, and can view the results in map form here.

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