NHS Sustainability Day - 26 March

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26th March is NHS Sustainability Day 2015 - http://www.nhssustainabilityday.co.uk/

It would be great if renal units could mark the occasion - has anyone got suggestions of ways we could do this?

One option is the NHS Forest's 2@2 campaign - planting 2 trees at 2pm. Many Trusts are already members of the NHS Forest (and others might be interested to sign up - the idea is to plant trees on land owned by or associated with the NHS, as a symbol of the connection between health and the environment). The NHS Forest project also has a number of trees to give away, which might help... http://nhsforest.org/nhs-sustainability-day-2015

Any other thoughts?


Dr. Frances Mortimer, Medical Director, CSH


Patient leaflet - copies available for NHS Sustainability Day

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Hi all,

the Green Nephrology patient leaflet is ready and will be available to download from this Network and the NKF website on NHS Sustainability Day, 26th March.

The NKF is also doing a print run - would anybody like any printed copies to give out on the day?



Hi Frances,I will certainly

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Hi Frances,

I will certainly take some leaflets to distrubute around our patients if there is time to send them here before the 26th! Otherwise I will print some off the website and distribute them on the unit on the 26th (and 27th to capture the patients not dialysing on the 26th).

We are due to have our bi-monthly meeting with the patient reps on the 25th so I will also bring it up there and hopefully it can encourage the patients to push the sustainability agenda. Things tend to happen quicker if the patients are pushing as well as the staff!




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