One Small Success - Transport Issues

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One Small Success

Last weekend the Bristol Health Partners hosted an event to encourage innovation. We only discovered this by accident and prepared a quick presentation under the Green Prescribing Protocol. This was presented at the last pitch on Friday evening. There were some technical issues but in spite of this we were swamped with people offering help and support and suggestions to broaden our thinking outside Green Nephrology and share the good practice amongst other directorates.

We were not able to attend the development workshop last Saturday but our vision was embraced and a powerful app designed to facilitate shared and volunteer transport was developed by some pretty clever programmers collaboration together in a fun yet competitive space.

WE are delighted to say that the organisers and presenters voted to award the sponsors prize and this was awarded on our suggestion of improving hospital transport. Ronaldo Tempo was awarded a powerful tablet for a presentation he developed on our transport issues. Angela was able to include both technical and practical suggestions that Ronaldo had not been able to incorporate and answer questions to the BHP judging panel as were were unavailable to offer ant input during the programming phase.

Most of the development ideas were related to environmental benefits and the message is getting across and becoming mainstream. We were most inspired at the support at grass root levels that we have with our vision in Green nephrology and the change, (like success in a war of attrition,) will be one small step at a time.




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