Overcoming barriers in Green Nephrology

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In the survey of Green Nephrology Local Representatives in 2010, Local Reps identified some of the barriers that can prevent them from seeing through local green initiatives.  We would like to explore ways to get around these at the Green Nephrology Summit on 25th September 2013. Main barriers mentioned were:

  • Lack of time
  • Difficulty accessing funds for capital invesment
  • Need for more senior support within the unit

Has anyone got any specific experiences of finding ways around these barriers which they could share? Do post a reply in the forum, or contact me offline if you prefer - frances.mortimer@sustainablehealthcare.org.uk

Don't forget to register for the Summit - http://sustainablehealthcare.org.uk/green-nephrology-summit-2013 

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A worldwide issue

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Hi Frances,

Unfortunately, this issue isn't isolated to just the UK... we here in Australia have had the same barriers in accepting change in the name of green and the environment.

Our experience has been that the best approaches in getting managment on board is to discuss the propsed green initiatives locally and getting the support of all staff including clincal directors about the proposed changes.   Once everyone is on board approach management about proposed changes illustrating how this change will be better for the organisation.  The issue of costs is always going to be a contentious point, but if you can show a cost saving (short or long term) then they are more likely to be supportive.

Once we showed how much water and associated costs we could save by collecting reverese osmosis reject water, the hospital management supported the installation of plumbing and tanks to collect the water.  This was then set up at all of our organisations dialysis sites and the water has been used by community.  Community engagement is also vital is getting exposure and support for the programs, the wider community are the users of the health service and are the best advocates!

Setting up meetings with companies and Health Departments has also been quite helpful for us in getting programs going.  Fresenius Medical Care were instrumental in helping us set up the Solar program and financed it.... and the Department of Health (Victoria) helped us get the Green Dialysis website up and running and allowed for the opportunity to meet with you and the CSH team last year.

Dedication and a passion to see the change made also helped us... is amazing how much management listen when continual emails, phone calls, literature and letters are provided... then the opportunity for discussions can take place.

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