Request to sign an open letter on climate, energy and health to David Cameron

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My name's Isobel Braithwaite and I'm a medical student at UCL; I've been involved with the CSH in the past as an intern and met some of you at CleanMed Europe.  I'm involved in the student group Healthy Planet UK which is focused on climate change/sustainable development and health - you can see some of our photos and blog posts from COP19 at our home page. 

We are planning to send an open letter (text here) to David Cameron, and a shorter one to the editor of the Times.  As well as highlighting the health impacts of fossil fuels that arise from both air pollution and climate change, the letter references Cameron's recent comments on climate change, following Yeb Sano's moving opening speech about Typhoon Haiyan at COP19, which is worth watching and sharing.  

If you are happy to add your name, please go to (which also has the text of the two letters).  We would appreciate it if you could sign it by the morning of Friday 22/11 as we'd like to send it out before the end of  the ongoing UN climate talks in Warsaw (COP19) if we can.

We would like to add signatories' role or job titles, in order to make it clear that the letter is from people in the health community, so please include this, and there is an option to add either your full name or your first name only.  If you'd like to help us publicise the letter, or would like to be contacted about similar efforts in the future, please leave your email address in the appropriate box.  

Feel free to forward on to any colleagues or contacts who you think would be happy to sign it, and thank you in advance!

Best wishes,


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