Is there a contact list for...

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Is there a contact list for this group now? Before the site was revised we had identified a couple of colleagues here in Tayside we wanted to make contact with for a project involving teaching about sustainability in the medical school, but now we don't seem to be able to find anyone! If you know how we can get in touch with them (or you are them), please let me know. Thanks.


Finding people on CSH Networks

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Hi Ellie,

thanks very much for the feedback on this - the intention is that you should still be able to search for people on the new version of the CSH Networks, and it turns out that we need to tweak the "users" search (see search bar in green at top of every page - you can select "site" or "users") to make it search for more parts of people's profile, including their organisation. (Also it currently only works if you search by either first or last name, not both at the same time.)

The other thing is that there is a "Members" block in the right hand column of most pages, where you can get to a list of members and browse. I hope to make this easier to use as well in due course.



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