Call for submissions: heatwaves (adapting to climate change) select committee inquiry

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The House of Commons Select Committee for the environment, the Environmental Audit Committee, is calling for evidence as part of its heatwave enquiry.  It will examine risks to health and wellbeing from higher temperatures and heatwave and audit current levels of resilence and the effectivnesss of government actions. 

What is evident in your setting and what further do you think should be done?  I'm happy to coordinate a submission if members have material th

EAC invites responses on any of the following:

Assessment of Risks

  • To what extent has the National Adaptation Programme been an effective mechanism to date in respect of heatwaves and the human health risks associated with a warming climate?
  • What gaps were there in the latest Climate Change Risk Assessment when assessing the risks associated with heatwaves and health risks associated with higher temperatures?
  • To what extent has the Adaptation Programme, and most recent Risk Assessment, adequately addressed potential levels of warming significantly above 2 degrees centigrade?


  • What measures are the Government taking to minimise overheating in public buildings such as care homes, hospitals, schools and prisons? Are they adequate in the short, medium and long-term?
  • What assessment has been made of the economic impact of higher temperatures on indoor and outdoor workplaces? What impact might this have on economic productivity and health? To what extent is this reflected in economic policy?
  • Are the planning system and building regulations aligned with the goals of the National Adaptation Programme?
  • What short, medium and long-term actions should the Government be taking to ensure the wider build environment is prepared for a warmer climate and more frequent heatwaves?


  • What impact will the urban heat island effect have on cities? Are the UK’s building and planning policies sufficient to deal with these risks?

Digital Infrastructure

  • What assessment has been made of the resilience of the UK's digital infrastructure to heatwaves? To what extent has the Adaptation Programme taken account of this?

Water Management

  • What impact will higher temperatures have on the risk of drought and the water supply?

The deadline is 5:00 pm on 8th March 2018. The word limit is 3,000 words. Later submissions will be accepted, but may be too late to inform the first oral evidence hearing. Guidance on submissions is available at:

Further information on the inquiry is available here:


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