NICE consultation physical activity and the natural environment

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In case folk aren't aware of this opportunity to comment on the draft guidance:

'This guideline covers environmental changes to support people to be physically active. The recommendations in this guideline should be read alongside NICE's guideline on physical activity: walking and cycling.

We hope that your organisation will submit comments on the draft guideline; it is a valuable opportunity to ensure that the guideline considers issues important to your members. If your organisation has already submitted comments, thank you for taking the time to consider the draft guideline. If your organisation intends to submit comments on the draft guideline, please see the instructions on our website.

The Developer has produced an economic model to support the guideline. An executable version of this model is available on request, after providing written agreement to follow the conditions for its use. The instructions and conditions for use are on our website.'

The consultation closes on 02 October 2017 at 5pm

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