Sustainability Series: Why nurses play a key role in making healthcare greener

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The Centre for Sustainable Healthcare is celebrating its 10 year anniversary this year. To celebrate we are focusing on a different sustainble speciality each month in our Sustainability Series. 

Most recently we featured Sustainable Nursing. Check out this blog which provides a useful summary on why nurses have a key role to play in making healthcare more sustainable. 


We would love you to share any ideas or interventions you’ve tried to make nursing more sustainable. These might include:

  • reducing resource use in your nursing practice
  • changing patient pathways for leaner care
  • demonstrating ways in which the patient’s knowledge and understanding can contribute to their care, especially in chronic illness
  • initiatives that promote prevention
  • protecting patients or the public from the health effects of climate change
  • sharing your experience of caring for those who’ve suffered as a result of climate change

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