Exposure to green space in childhood and the risk of developing psychiatric disorders - A study from Denmark

Nian Li's picture

I enjoyed this article this month, which may be familiar to some of you already interested in this topic: https://www.pnas.org/content/116/11/5188

Published a few years ago now, this is a large scale study investigating the link between urbanicity, green space and mental health. The research team found a strong link between the exposure to residential green space in childhood and the future risk of developing pschiatric disorders - an increased risk of 15-55% between children with the lowest exposure to green space compared to those with the highest. In particular I'd like to draw attention to their analysis of satellite images to collect data at an individual level and the resultant maps to display their results - both an exciting utilisation of existing information and a beautiful and visually powerful way to convey their findings!

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