Talking about air pollution

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Should we be talking to our patients about air pollution?  Does anyone have experience of doing this routinely when addressing other stroke risk factors?


Blend it into the conversation about exercise?

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When I see patients with TIA/stroke, I address their lifestyle risk factors for stroke, before I move on to medical interventions. I advocate exercise and discuss ways they can do this, so when we talk about outdoor exercise this inevitably brings up a discussion about pollution (itself a major risk factor for stroke [as GBD has shown]), and thereby a discussion about the need for climate change. People with diseases related to pollution and climate change are powerful advocates for change to the root causes of their illnesses!


Clean air day

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Good resources here


Pollution not frequently addressed in consults

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To be honest, I haven't been able to cover air pollution and its effects, during consults with stroke patients frequently, except for certain specific occupations. Blending it into the conversation about exercise post-stroke is an excellent idea. Thanks for the clean air day link


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