Request for Information: The Green Walking Project

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Dear Members of Occupational Therapy Susnet,

We have received funding from the Network for Social Change to promote access to green spaces for mental health inpatients and we need your help.

We know that occupational therapy as a discipline plays a crucial role in promoting and supporting mental health inpatients to be active in the outdoors around the country. We need to find out where this happening and how it has been achieved so that we can encourage other units, staff and patients to do something similar. 

We believe that mental health inpatients deserve to be able to benefit from getting out into the fresh air. To help us make this a reality for more people we need to hear from you. If you have set up or are aware of any projects supporting mental health inpatients to get active and get outdoors please let us know, we would love to hear from you.  Also please feel free to pass these details on should you know of anyone who might have relevant experience.


E-mail contact:  

Email Subject: Call for Information  GWP  


Dr. Jacob Krzanowski  

Project Coordinator for Green Walking Project (GWP)  

Centre for Sustainable Health Care (CSH)

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