Request for OT representation for the AHP Food and Diet working group

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Environmental sustainability is one of the Chief Allied Health Professions officers key work programmes for 2020/21 . The importance of this agenda will mean it will carry through to be a key theme of the next AHP strategy for England.

The NHS is committed to reaching net zero, and has launched the Greener NHS programme.  As part of this work, we have been linking in with the work of the sustainable development unit to understand ways in which Allied Health Professionals can make a significant impact on the agenda.  

Food and diet has been identified as one of the key areas AHPs could affect change.  As a result a working group is being convened to look at the ways AHPs can collaboratively support this agenda.  The group will be led by the British Dietetic Association and will provide an excellent  opportunity for those involved to influence the direction of this agenda at a strategic level.   

We are looking for volunteers to join the working group and feel Occupational Therapists will be intrinsic to this work.  It is anticipated that meetings will commence mid August and will require up to 6 meetings to complete the work.

If this work is of interest to you, please email me at:

The Workstream Objectives are as follows:

 1.  Agreeing opportunities for AHPs to engage in or lead sustainability improvements in relation to food and   specialist nutritional products.

2.  To identify opportunities for change to NHS food systems that are mutually beneficial for health and   sustainability.

3.  To identify examples of good practice in relation to food sustainability within health care systems,   particularly those highlighting the role of AHPs.

4.  To make recommendations for action (for AHPs, individual professionals, NHS organisations, the NHS or   others)

5.  To define how AHPs could support these recommendations

6.  To prioritise the recommendations in terms of greatest impact and ability to scale at low cost / cost neutral

7.  To provide relevant input to the NHS Sustainable Develop Unit’s work on food sustainability


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