Sustainability sessions at RCOT Annual Conference tomorrow

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The RCOT Annual Conference is taking place online today and tomorrow. Along with the usual excellent sessions and other delights that can be found over the two days, the two below sessions focusing on sustainability are taking place tomorrow. 

There is also a ‘Sustainbility Matters’ chat room open throughout the conference.  It would be great to chat with you there!

Thursday 1st July, 10.15-10.45 S21.2 Roundtable: Sustainability and the environment, an occupational concern. How can we meet the challenge? Fiona Page , Alison Kerr, Duncan Petland

This session sets the context for sustainability and environmentalism as an occupational concern. Through consideration of the PEO Model, participants will have the opportunity to reflect on their own experiences and consider actions for their area of practice.

11:45-12:30 RCOT Insights session: Green occupational therapy – futureproofing occupations for all Joel Reynolds, Sonia Roschnik, Carolyn Hague, Suhailah Mohamed, Ben Whittaker

Exploring the importance of sustainable occupational therapy, you will learn how guidelines and national policies are impacting on practice, hear service examples from members, and discover opportunities for you to get involved.

Have a happy conference everyone!

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