Sustainability Symposium Reflections

Niamh Allum's picture

Hi all, 

Last Friday (27th April) saw the annual University of Brighton Sustainability Symposium. Having attended the event, I thought it would be beneficial to complete a brief look back at the day in relation to Occupational Therapy.

Overall from the day : 

  • A positive opportunity to meet and listen to a number of AHPs and medics with a want to impact positive sustainable change.
  • Good range of people to network with across all sectors.
  • Lack of Occupational Therapy presence by comparison to other professions.
  • New opportunity to learn about different aspects of sustainable healthcare.
  • Whilst there is a need to meet financial 'savings' now, longer term, there is potential that these savings will be more financially detrimental due to the long term need to be more carbon efficient and reduce energy consumption, in addition to the environmental effect some financial savings  may have (such as cheaper procurement with higher carbon cost or lack of investment in active travel).
  • There is a need to promote what others in healthcare are already doing and encourage them to make changes, rather than criticising what is not being achieved.


Overall impact for Occupational Therapy:

  • Need to promote the Occupational Therapy profession to champion the sustainable interventions, education and research that is being undertaken.
  • Need to promote our professions potential to be a key player in engaging and empower individuals to engage in more sustainable healthcare​.

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