It was a great pleasure for...

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It was a great pleasure for me to join the COT conference in Brighton this year at the invitation of Ben Whittaker. Not only did I get a chance to breathe pure sea air and experience the delights of the vibrant sustainable culture in Brighton but also to meet so many interesting occupational therapists and realise how their approach to challenges such as dementia is much more holistic and sensible than the traditional medical model.

Ben and I ran a workshop on sustainability and health specifically for OTs and I found myself learning a great deal from the enthusiasm and ideas in the room. Particularly striking was the emphasis on healthy eating and the use of innovative community projects which encourage local shopping, and growing fruit and vegetables. Another example involved the development of walking groups using a country park. Also we learnt of a creative model in Ireland which supported re-entry to employment very effectively.

My overriding impression was that OTs naturally understand sustainability and we should ensure all our networks and working groups contain at least one of them!

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