Sustainability Matters: Exploring WFOT's Guiding Principles on Sustainable Development

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Poster from the COT Annual Conference 2016, exploring the World Federation of Occupational Therapists forthcoming 'Sustainability Matters' document.  

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World Federation of Occupational Therapists

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July, 2016

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Transferrable to other health professionals

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Thanks for sharing this poster Ben - a really useful resource with a great outline of the key areas in which OTs need to be versed in sustainability. It is very transferable to other health professionals.

On the learning outcome about aiding individuals and communities with adaptation to effects of climate change ("using occupation-based interventions") I wonder if this doesn't need to be broader and include adaptation to other confounding effects of environmental change - if this is about sustainability, not just climate change? For example, air pollution worsens climate change and climate change worsens air pollution, so you could discuss air pollution in terms of being an effect of climate change but it is also a local effect of fossil fuel combustion. When addressing issues like heat stress related to climate change, how do we adapt given also rising costs of fossil fuels? And is there a roll for OT in helping a transition to a healthy, sustainable lifestyle, i.e. promoting mitigation of environmental degradation / climate change?

Sustainability Matters

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Thanks for your reply Sarah.  You're right to highlight these areas.  I've revisited the 'Sustainability Matters' document and think that we do address the issues that you're raising.  Hopefully it will be out soon for you to see!

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