Walking Meetings In Our Greenspace

Sam Eperson's picture

Have you ever thought about taking your meetings or supervisions outside of the office? Recently we learnt our Dietetic colleagues had extended their workspace to the outdoor environment and thought we would give it a try in Occupational Therapy. Obviously not all discussions are appropriate to be held outside, whilst walking, so consideration needs to be taken into account regarding the content. At East Surrey Hospital, we are privileged enough to have access to lots of greenery, woodland and open space and use our ‘Walking Meetings’ for discussions such as planning audits for the year, debriefing from events, sharing innovation and service development ideas and even having supervisions. We found many benefits from taking a step outdoors for meetings including;

- improved thinking and flow of ideas,
- increasing our cardiorespiratory system,
- improving mood and wellbeing,
- reducing headaches from having natural daylight rather than artificial lighting
- increasing our step count (good for fitbit lovers!)
- developing interprofessional and personal relationships. Being outside in a ‘neutral’ environment can take away any hierarchical feelings from sitting in your bosses office
- increases appetite and desire for healthier foods
- reports of improving sleep (could be due to contributing to discussions more effectively and sharing thoughts, and/or increased intake in oxygen)
- reports of feeling more productive
- could improve any aches and pains

So, why don’t you give it a try and swap your workspace for woodland! Let us know how you get on but sharing your comments or photos!

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