Environmental Steering Group

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Quite excited to now be a member of the Tyne Esk and Wyre Valley's trust's newly established Environmental Steering Group! We met for the first time a month ago and will be meeting again next week to start looking at the Good Corporate Citizenship Audit. I hope in time to be able to say more than 'we have a group,' but it is a start.

Unfortunately some extra travel has grown from this, although we plan to move to conference calls once initial work has been done. Reducing mileage via technology is something I am trying to look into, though it is met with suspicion. If anyone has any good ideas about this I would certainly value them....


Kathryn, great to hear about

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Kathryn, great to hear about your environmental steering group. it would be interesting to hear about what your group decide to focus on - is it travel, procurement or meds? or are you going to do the good corporate citizenship audit and make plans based on that?

anyway great to hear that you are keeping the sustainable ball rolling up there! 


We did the good corporate

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We did the good corporate citizenship audit this week - 66% which is up from 53% when completed last year. Travel is possibly our worst section, but then the trust covers a large area.


Tyne Esk & Wyre Valley

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Hi Kat - that sounds good - what are the actions that have brought up your Good Corporate Citizenship score in the last year? Are there other clinicians involved as well as you?

And what is TE&WV doing to mark NHS Sustainability Day today...?


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