Improving MH resilience - radio 4 programme

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Did anyone catch this programme on Radio 4 yesterday on "The Science of Resilience": ? (28 mins)

Discusses mental health resilience as recovering better than expected after a traumatic experience. Are some people naturally more resilient and how can we improve resilience in ourselves and as a society? Resilience training in the armed forces and in schools... (some training programmes sounded like they need a bit more evaluation of impact, but definitely interesting!)

Short version "How can you become more resilient?" available here: (4 mins)



More on resilience

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Thanks for the link Frances - I listened to the 4 minute version and think this is an area of emerging / renewed interest in a really important topic. This link is also on resilience and has nice imagery:




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Very informative and useful video.

i took the RQ...interesting and revealing...useful as a tool to reflect and grow


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