Just what is sustainable mental health?!

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Here's a poem I came up with about sustainability, with a little help from Frances, who prefers to call it a rap!

Just what is sustainable mental health?!

Working in mental health is a difficult role
Guidelines, duties, deadlines and to work with heart and soul

At times if feels like battling against the tide
Can’t be sure who’s on our side

Surely there must be a way out of this vulnerability
Yes! Let me tell you about sustainability.

There are 4 principles to help us along the way
“Tell me more”, I hear you say

The first of these, which I shall mention
Is the vitally important concept of PREVENTION

‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’
By using this principle, better mental health may endure.

The next is EMPOWERMENT which leads to resilience
Nurturing people’s own resources wherein lies brilliance

The third is VALUE - but not just the pound
Considering the environment makes it more sound

And last but not least, to CARBON should we give thought
The impact of climate change is terribly fraught

So if we consider the triple bottom line
Our services might stand the test of time

Environmental, economic and social
The outcome might not be so emotional

Instead of just looking at the pounds and sums
Let patients and carers guide the outcomes

If you’d like to know more about this important theme
Take a look at this statement from October 2015*

So when you have a moment, think what this means for you
Consider sustainability and all the things you might do

Delivering quality care for those we see today
And safeguarding the future, come what may



This is hilarious and

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This is hilarious and informative! I've already tweeted it @adipodean... when is the video coming?? I honestly think this has the potential to go viral if done right, and raise CSH's profile at the same time.


Thanks for the comments Adi -

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Thanks for the comments Adi - glad you liked it!

Not sure about a video, but any other suggestions on using it to raise awareness welcome....


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