A lesson from healthcare system in Denmark

Shiva Marjani's picture

Since 2003, patients in Denmark have had access to their electronic health record through a national portal called www.sundhed.dk. This enables all parties in health sectors to collaborate with the patient at the centre. Sundhed.dk has transformed the Danish health care from a silo-oriented towards patient-centric structure, a change that can significantly revamp electronic access in NHS, as most of us wish.

This shift has placed emphasis on optimization of work routines, prevention of diseases, taking action in time, supporting the right treatment, using the patient’s capacity, and collaboration within the sectors. Professionals can also communicate with patients and their families through emails and easily have access to correct and latest health information like laboratory tests, etc. Through Sundhed.dk every citizen has his own personal page and similarly professionals can find the health information, see appointments, renew prescriptions, survey the shortest waiting lists for operations and quality ratings of hospitals or get access to local healthcare systems. Moreover, by supporting a number of chat rooms patients and their relatives can also meet others with similar conditions or consult professionals.

Sundhed sounds like a promising model which can efficiently be used in other health care system such as NHS to broadly empower patients, help commissioners and protect the environment.

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