MH Service Sustainability Review Framework

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Resource Description: 

This framework has been developed as a practical tool for service development or commissioning of sustainable mental health services. It comprises four sections, each of which tackles one of the four principles of sustainable mental healthcare.

The intention is that one or more members of a commissioning or service review team could be tasked with completing the template for their service (to whatever level of detail their time allows), which will lead them to systematically consider current strengths and opportunities for improvement in each area. Findings can then be considered by the wider team for further investigation or implementation.

The framework has been produced (by the RCPsych Sustainability Scholars 2015-16 and CSH), in support of the Guidance for Commissioners of Financially, Environmentally and Socially Sustainable Mental Health Services (Joint Commissioning Panel for Mental Health & Centre for Sustainable Healthcare, 2015), which provides more detailed explanation, guidance and case studies.

We are keen to evaluate its use and usefulness, so do let us know if you plan to use it: Thank you!

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Centre for Sustainable Healthcare, Royal College of Psychiatrists

Publication date: 

March, 2017

Resource type: 

  • measurement tool / template


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