Opportunity to work with MedAct

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Medact has recently secured funding for a Clean Energy and Health Project and are looking for a Project Manager . Medact is also looking for twelve relevant experts with a scientific, health or energy background to form an advisory committee to assist and advise the work in the field. More details can be found below and on their website at www.medact.org/jobs.

Medact is a London-based public health charity with a programme of work that is focused on climate change and the ecological determinants of health. Medact prides itself on being an organisation that combines a strong science and evidence-based approach to policy analysis, with an active advocacy function aimed at influencing policy and enacting political change to promote human rights, social justice and equitable and sustainable health.

In recent years Medact has been working on the interface between energy and health. Energy – both in terms of its production and consumption – is a major determinant of health and health inequalities. It has significant direct and immediate impacts on human health; as well as many indirect impacts on human health. The threat of climate change makes the shift from a carbon-based energy system to one that is clean and renewable, a major public health priority.

Medact’s recent work on energy and health includes assessing the health impact of unconventional shale gas development (fracking) in the UK; producing summaries of the IPCC reports for a health and lay audience; and campaigning and lobbying to promote divestment from fossil fuel companies.

It has now received some new funding to develop a more substantive and coherent programme of work on energy and health, and will be shortly recruiting a Clean Energy for Health Project Manager for this purpose. In addition, we are establishing a Medact Scientific and Advisory Committee on Energy and Health to help guide this work, and are currently inviting expressions of interest from people who might like to participate. More detailed information about the mandate, role and functions of this committee as well as the benefits and requirements of committee membership are available here.

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