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Consensus statement and videos from the Royal College of Psychiatrists Sustainability Summit - 1st October, 2014

Summit Consensus Statement on Sustainability in Mental Health

"Sustainability in mental health is the ability to provide high value care now and in the future in the face of environmental, economic and social constraints.

"Climate change presents an unprecedented and urgent threat to human health and survival. All health professionals have a duty to advocate for action at all levels to mitigate climate change. Mental health professionals have a particular duty to educate people about the mental health effects of climate change, and the psychology of climate change denial.

"Sustainable care in mental health acts to: 

  1. Prevent mental illness, build social capital and promote individual, social and community resilience and mental wellbeing 
  2. Empower patients, staff and carers to manage their mental health 
  3. Eliminate wasteful activity 
  4. Make use of low carbon alternatives 

"Reducing over-medication, adopting a recovery approach, exploiting the therapeutic value of natural settings and nurturing support networks are examples that can improve patient care while reducing economic and environmental costs."

See the Sustainability Summit Agenda to see who presented and what was discussed.


Videos of Talks During the Day

Sustainability in Mental Health Services
Dr Daniel Maughan, Royal College of
Psychiatrists Fellow in Sustainability 


Interview with Royal College of Pyschiatrists 
President Professor Sir Simon Wessely


The Psychology of Climate Change Denial
Dr Judith Anderson, Consultant Psychatrist
and Psychotherapist 


Greencare for people with personality disorder: the growing better lives project, Dr Rex Haigh,
Consultant Medical Psychotherapist and team 


Tomorrow's NHS: a sustainable future
Dr David Pencheon, Diretor, Sustainable Development
Unit for NHS England and Public Health England 


Interview with Dr Hugh Grant-Peterkin
NHS Psychiatrist and Medical Justice
Management Committee Member




Centre for Sustainable Healthcare & Royal College of Psychiatrists

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September, 2014

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  • event recording


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