Surviving or Thriving?

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It’s Mental Health Awareness Week.

 “Surviving or Thriving? The state of the UK's mental health” is the new report released by mental health Foundation, for this occasion.

The report is brief but awakening.

It is outcome of a survey conducted by NatCen in March 2017 which indicates “disturbingly low” level of “good mental health” in UK.

Also it showes nearly two-thirds of people have experienced mental health problems, especially women, young adults and people living alone.

It’s true; we have a long way to go.

That’s why the foundation has suggested the five below steps to progress towards “a mentally thriving UK” which interestingly are in line with most of Sustainable Mental Health Care principles (preventative, improving values, empowering and cutting carbon) as follow:

  1. A National Thriving Mental Health Programme to spread public understanding about how to look after our mental health and to build 1 community resilience. ( Preventative , improving values and empowering )
  2. A Royal Commission to investigate effective ways to prevent poor mental health and to develop good mental health, and highlighting opportunities to reduce risks. (Clearly preventative)
  3. A Mentally Thriving Nation Report each year to track progress, emerging issues and actions required. (Improving Values)
  4. A ‘100% Health’ Check to help people to manage their mental health and reduce their risks as well as identifying where they need professional mental health support. (Mostly preventative )
  5. Fair Funding for Mental Health Research, commensurate with the scale of mental health problems in our society. (Preventative and improving values)

The steps are promising and beyond only surviving.

Perhaps they need to be more sustained.

So whilst we wish all the best for the commissioners to reach these targets, we hope they could use the most cost-efficient and environmentally friendly options amongst all!

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