[RWC-2019]England vs South Africa Live Stream Free Rugby World Cup Final

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AFTER six weeks of thrilling rugby in Japan, we have reached the final as England play South Africa in Yokohama.

WATCH LIVE FREE: http://bit.ly/rwc2019-live

WATCH LIVE FREE: http://bit.ly/rwc2019-live

ENGLAND'S secret weapon in their bid to win the Rugby World Cup is a £325 ladder sent to them as a gift eight months ago, writes Duncan Wright.

Eddie Jones powered their way to Saturday's final in Tokyo with a stunning display to beat New Zealand in the semis – in a match where they totally dominated at the line-out.

And one of the key factors in their brilliant performance against the All-Blacks was the work line-out coach Steve Borthwick could do with his forwards using the special three-legged ladder which arrived announced in the past during the Six Nations.

In February, rugby-loving businessman Tom Kitching spotted pictures of Borthwick teetering on top of an old step ladder while throwing balls in to his players from the sidelines.

It meant the former England captain was struggling for balance as he was going through vital drills, causing problems with the efficiency with his throws.

So thoughtful Tom, managing director of ladder firm Henchman, decided to send one of his company's specially developed tripod ladder to the RFU at Twickenham – and it went down a storm.

Borthwick loved it so much he gave the England fan a call once the Six-Nations had finished to pass on his gratitude.

And the ten-foot high product was flown out to Japan to play a vital role in the training preparations for the World Cup assault.

Tom said: “I'm a huge rugby fan and I couldn't help but notice in pictures of them training how they were just using step ladders for training at line-outs.”

Tom Curry's twin brother Ben has just been interviewed by ITV ahead of the World Cup final.

Despite having a game themselves, Sale Sharks gave the 21-year-old special dispensation to head out to Yokohama for the huge match.

Surely he could sneak into an England kit and play a few minutes to freshen up the legs… nobody would know!

The Webb Ellis Cup is what both England and South Africa will play for today and one of these two nations will add a world title to their illustrious histories by lunchtime.

It was made by Gerrards of London – who also made the Premier League trophy and the original Americas Cup, the oldest sporting trophy in the world.

The Webb Ellis Cup weighs 4.5kg and is made of Sterling silver, gilded in gold and is 47cm tall.

It has been won by New Zealand (three times), Australia (twice), South Africa (twice) and England.

And those are the four nations to contest this and the last finals of this competition.

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