Does Your Workplace Have A Green Plan?

Iona Sinclair's picture

I joined the SLT Sustainability Network last year, and have been working hard to improve the sustainability of my practice since then, sharing ideas with my colleagues when I can, and I feel good about the progress I've made in this short space of time. But big change requires widespread action. So, you can imagine my excitement when I received an email inviting me to attend my Trust's launch event for their Green Plan (coinciding nicely with Earth Day on Friday 22nd April). 

I've been wanting to contact the Trust executive team about sustainability for some time, but it can be daunting. Does your workplace have a Green Plan? If not, why not use Earth Day this Friday as a platform to reach out to your team.. You may be (like me) pleasantly surprised to find it's already on the agenda. And if not, I reckon that Earth Day is the perfect day to put it on the agenda!

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