How do YOU communicate? (.....about climate change)

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As SLTs we love to highlight how important communication is.

And communication is key to climate change issues.

Do you talk about it? If so….


WHAT are you communicating?

There is a lot of research about communicating climate change effectively. Climate Outreach is one of many organisations who have looked into this and I would highly recommend perusing their website and this webinar in particular. It covers a whole lot (and IS worth the watch) but my personal take home message was to consider talking to someone’s values. Tackling climate change is relevant to us all – whether you value justice, fairness, economic stability, social stability, nature, your kids’ future… The list is exhaustive -  and you and your conversation partner are allowed to value more than one thing too :)


 WHO are you communicating to?

At work are you talking to your colleagues? Trust sustainability team (they should have one)? Finance managers? Lecturers? Maybe even service users? Thanks to COP, climate change has been in the news a lot. For interested service users news articles can be great, relevant therapy resources eg this aphasia friendly accessible article.

In personal life you could talk to family, friends, local community, or reach out wider to politicians – the possibilities are endless because we can all make positive change!


HOW are you communicating?

Informal conversations, CPD (ask us if you want resources for this), social media. Communicating about climate change can take as long as you want it to.

For a quick win, make a start now – follow us on social media and share the message!

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