For SLT students and Educators - SDG Teach In Campaign - February 21st to March 4th.

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SDG Teach In is a campaign to put the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and therefore sustainability, at the heart of all stages of education, and across all disciplines. The 2022 Campaign starts next week, and is a great opportunity for SLT students and educators to talk about sustainability within our profession.

The SDG Teach In is led by a UK based charity, Students Organising for Sustainability UK | SOS-UK. Last year 496 educators pledged to incorporate the global goals into their teaching and learning, and 47,292 students and learners were reached through lessons, workshops and materials. 

On January 20th 2022 SOS-UK delivered a 1-hour webinar (slides also available) introducing the campaign and exploring the breadth and interconnection of the SDGs. They also discuss how to share learning via not only formal curriculum, but via informal and subliminal curriculum at all stages of education. You can find additional information, case studies and articles on their resources page and their research page.

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