Sustainability Diary February

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Hi Sustainability Friends!!!


The time finally arrived and I pitched this brilliant and exciting project of mine, the Eyefficiency app to all hospitals in Wales!! There was no better setting than the Welsh Ophthalmic Forum! This was an annual meeting where all Welsh trainees and consultants gathered to attend and present interesting projects and cases to share with their fellow colleagues.


This was a great platform for me to introduce to all consultants and trainees who attended about this quality improvement app and gathered their thoughts on the idea. Clammy hands, I was clearly nervous prior to presenting it. I knew how NHS or people in general can resist change and how new changes can be challenging and intimidating in many ways. I gathered my courage and presented an enthusiastic presentation to detail the app, how it would be implemented across Wales and the benefits it will produce. Pheww ! Thankfully it was well accepted.


The younger trainees took to it favourably, understanding the need to help healthcare and cataract surgery to be more sustainable. Senior consultants seemed to appreciate what the project involved and was curious about how the data was stored. The presentation was a success and everyone appeared to be supportive of the app being rolled out across Wales. My smile was from ear to ear! My sustainability project is coming along nicely and with everyone onboard the next step would be recruitment and implementation!!! YAY!!!



Welsh sustainability scholar

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