AMEE Presenation by KCL: What did medical students learn from discussion of climate change?

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This powerpoint, presented at the AMEE conference, includes a series of quotes from KCL medical students' essays after a ‘climate change’ workshop, covering direct and indirect impacts, healthy equity, social determinants of health, environmental impacts of healthcare etc.

Students recognised the importance of:

  • Education
  • International action
  • An interdisciplinary perspective
  • A policy level approach

In summary, topics related to climate change provided opportunities for students to discuss:


  • Global burden of disease
  • Socioeconomic & environmental determinants of health
  • Health systems
  • Global health governance
  • Human rights & ethics
  • Cultural diversity & health

(Johnson et al. Global health learning outcomes for medical students in  the  UK.  Lancet 2012, 379: 2033-35)


Conclusion: the challenge is how to encourage students to consider themselves as agents of change in their role as health professionals.

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August, 2012

Resource type: 

  • educational materials

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