Assessment for Sustainable Healthcare Education? A question writing workshop

Wednesday, December 12, 2018 - 10:00 - 16:30

Are you interested joining a focused, collaborative question-design workshop with a team spanning the UK? Would you like to learn from colleagues and contribute your insights on how to assess complex topics in medical education? Have you ever thought about how to assess students’ knowledge, understanding and skills for sustainable healthcare?

We invite you to put your head together with other medical educators, to meld ideas and address the challenge of assessment for sustainable healthcare.

Since the GMC included sustainability learning outcomes for medical graduates, medical schools around the UK have been working to incorporate these learning objectives into medical education. This workshop will help to address the challenge of assessing a complex and cross-specialty topic in medical assessment. The workshop will develop questions of a range of formats, recognising the value of assessment of understanding and application of knowledge.

The workshop will open with a short introductory presentation on the purpose of assessment, approaches to question writing and the GMC’s sustainability learning objectives. Experienced question writers, sustainable healthcare experts and facilitators will be on hand to assist the process of question writing.

The workshop will draw on resources that provide more detail on sustainable healthcare education and assessment development. Participants will have opportunity to work together to design questions that can be made available in UK and local question banks.

The practicalities

  • Date: Wednesday 12th December 2018
  • Time: 10.00 until 16.30 (break 12.30-13.30)
  • Location: The event will take place at regional hubs, connected via videolink. You can propose a hub at your medical school and gather a team locally. Confirmed hubs are: Dundee, York, Newcastle and London (Kings College London).
  • Videolink: Zoom
  • Who can attend? All UK medical faculty members are invited to attend. To facilitate security of the question writing process, students are not eligible to attend this event.



10 – 1030 – Introduction to SHE and MCQ and short answer writing – Kathleen Leedham-Green, Kings College London

1030-1130 – Local MCQ, (MTF) and short answer question development 

1130-1145 – break 

1145-1230 – sharing and revising MCQs and short answer questions

1230-1330 – lunch break

1330-1400 – Introduction to QIP report / presentation / group work assessment

1400-1430 – Discussion / brainstorm a list – locally, share through zoom discussion area / google docs with other teams

1430-1500 – Integrating sustainability in OSCEs (and workplace based assessment) 

1500 -1600 – Discussion, ideas development locally then together (break if needed)

1600-1630 – Discussion – using ideas generated, next steps and close


If you have any questions about the event, please email Sarah.Walpole [AT]

If you would like to register to attend, please send your name, position, medical school / university, which hub you will be using/proposing and email address to: 


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