A case for climate activisim: a blog

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Here's a blog a student and I wrote about engaging medical students that might be of interest: https://www.kevinmd.com/blog/2018/04/case-climate-activism-medical-students.html

It starts out this way (use the link for further reading)

Now that the children have shouldered their muskets and taken aim — figuratively speaking, of course — against the gun lobby, maybe we can interest them in another partisan conflict that’s even more sweepingly about their survival: climate change. Not to minimize the horrific consequences of school shootings, but there are many more lives at stake from climate calamities. Threats from sea level rise, flooding, wildfires, and storms are multiplying while the impact of climate change — ranging from asthma and allergies to smoke inhalation and traumatic injuries — has inundated our physician offices and emergency rooms. The younger generation needs to take note. (For further reading, use link or see attachment). 

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