Free AMEE Webinar - Approaches to learning in sustainable healthcare and quality improvement

Tuesday, September 24, 2019 - 12:00 - 13:00

Join Dr SanYuMay Tun (Imperial College London) & Dr Frances Mortimer (Centre for Sustainable Healthcare) to discuss how education for sustainable healthcare is developing as a reponse to accelerating global environmental change.  

In the UK, the health service is committed to binding Government targets for carbon reductions and the General Medical Council now requires medical schools to prepare their graduates through teaching skills for sustainable healthcare.

This webinar draws on experience from UK medical schools to look at how educators can embed this new learning into their own curriculum while improving everyday practices in healthcare delivery.  By combining learning and doing, educational approaches such as including sustainability in quality improvement projects benefit healthcare systems, patients, and the environment on which health depends.

We explore this emerging field and discusses examples of good practice that can be applied in a broad range of settings.

Registration is required (but free)

Here is the ZOOM  link for registration


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