Green Nurse Network coming soon

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It's about time CSH had a sustainable nursing network don't you think?  Well, later this month the Green Nurse Network will be switched on.  Over the last couple of years CSH has been working with the Royal College of Nursing, the Faculty of Heath & Human Sciences at Plymouth University and Medact on a range of activities to support the development of sustainable nursing practice.  Builiding on this, our shiny new network will sit on CSH’s existing network platform and will:

  • be an empowerment tool for nurses developing sustainable nursing practice;
  • connect like-minded nurses and enables them to share best practise, collaborate on project ideas and build stronger relationships with one another;
  • keep members abreast of issues and insight in sustainable nursing, as well as inspire innovative thinking and problem solving;
  • host resources such as evidence, opinion and discussions and structure these items in a systematic way;
  • provide a central hub for the sustainable nursing practice programme.  

Know any green minded nurses or perhaps you are one?  Prior to the launch there are three main ways to become involved:

  1. Contribute your ideas about what you’d like from the Network (we’re particularly keen to hear from nurse students);
  2. Contact me if you’re able to put up a poster, retweet, insert a promotion slide into presentations or help in other ways with getting the word out;
  3. Commit to become a regular poster (once a month) on the network, sharing your own thoughts, successes and struggles with nursing the green way and promoting materials and events that may help others.



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