A healthy dose of disruption? Transformative change for health and societal wellbeing

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The Autumn issue of Eurohealth includes an article by CSH's Director, Rachel Stancliffe, on 'The Global Climate Crisis: a Public Health Emergency.'

The article covers how climate crisis, the collapse of biodiversity and the widespread pollution of air, water and soil are no longer merely environmental health concerns. Instead, they are the biggest public health threats humankind has ever faced. It goes on to explain how Public Health understanding and solutions, not technological fixes, are needed to guide us. Public Health has the skills and tools in research, practice and policy to help the public and government to understand the urgency of the situation and the options for dealing with it. The article concludes that we must now rapidly take that responsibility and work to ensure transformative change is taken to avoid climate catastrophe.

The full article can be found on page 37 of the current edition.

The rest of the publication covers some of the main issues and themes that will be discussed at the upcoming 2019 European Health Forum Gastein. Stefi Barna, co-director of CSH’s Sustainable Healthcare Education Network, is attending the forum as a panellist on the closing plenary which also discusses the global climate crisis as a Public Health emergency. This will be live streamed on Friday October 4th.

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