HEART: a student-led initiative to include climate change into medical school curricula

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HEART (Health and Environment Adaptive Task force) is an organisation established to raise awareness of, and create curricula to address, climate change in Canadian medical schools that could be of interest to anyone in SHE. 

They have 4 ongoing iniatives: developing curricular competencies; creating a network of sustainability officers and interested medical students; student-focussed schemes to raise awareness; and a monthly newsletter

Their website is well-laid out and contains a routemap for their project as well as resources useful to people developed by the team.

As part of their curricular competency initiative, HEART have developed a toolkit to empower people to advocate for planetary health to be included in their medical school's teaching, including a handy FAQ to answer any questions educators may have about it.

For those wanting to have their voice heard but unsure how to start, they also have two pages on student advocacy more generally.

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