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Resource Description: 

Keele University Medical School educators have developed their own cases based around four prominent types of waste within the NHS: food, pharmaceutical, clinical and fuel, which they have given permission to be shared though the SHE network to support sustainable healthcare education elsewhere.

The cases have been designed for core teaching of 3rd year medical student, in a problem-based learning (PBL) format. Each case is accompanied by targeted questions to guide students’ discussion and help them brainstorm potential solutions and the barriers and opportunities of their implementation.  Students are also provided with supporting information for each case based on the published scientific literature, NHS Sustainable Development Unit (SDU) documents and figures, videos, relevant case studies from the SDU and / or Centre for Sustainable Healthcare (CSH) and local initiatives.

The Resource link below provides access to a dropbox folder containing:

  1. Slide presentation by Dr Cliff Shelton from the SHE Masterclass 2018
  2. Published paper on the evaluation of the Keele sustainability lecture (from Midlands Medicine)
  3. The four PBL style cases 
  4. The resources that accompany the cases


Dr. Cliff Shelton, Keele University Medical School

Publication date: 

September, 2018

Resource type: 

  • educational materials


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