A new role for anaesthetists in environmentally sustainable healthcare?

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Our article published today! "The contribution of anaesthesia to the environmental impact of healthcare is significant and visible, but amenable to change. We believe that this places anaesthetists in an ideal position to lead educational initiatives on environmental sustainability."

C. L. Shelton  S. C. McBain  F. Mortimer  S. M. White
First published: 28 March 2019 in Anaesthesia. https://doi.org/10.1111/anae.14647


C. L. Shelton, S. C. McBain, F. Mortimer, S. M. White. Anaesthesia.

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March, 2019

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  • information resource




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What a fantastic article! Hopefully it will inspire many more anaesthetists to get involved in environmental sustainability. 

Developing education materials for sustainable anaesthetics

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Thanks Charlotte,

the authors and a couple of others are now interested to develop some education resources for teaching medical students about sustainable anaesthetic practice, so if anyone would like to be involved in this, please get in touch: frances.mortimer@sustainablehealthcare.org.uk 


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