NMC Future Midwife consultation response

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Just to let people know, the Nursing and Midwifery Council's is developing new standards for midwifery education and practice. We responded to their 'Future Midwife' consultation on behalf of the SHE Steering Committee, asking them to consider the role of midwives in reducing climate change emissions, particularly from the use of nitrous oxide. 

I've attached our response letter to this post.

The NHS Long Term Plan commits to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from 'anaesthetic practice' and this actually includes the use of nitrous oxide in maternity services, which contributes 130,000 tonnes CO2e annually (over a quarter of the total carbon footprint from anaesthetic gas use).

Is anyone on the network involved in midwifery education and is this a topic that has come up in your institution?

Frances Mortimer, Co-Director Sustainable Healthcare Education, CSH

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