Sharing advice about E-learning about environmental sustainability

There are many existing e-learning resources about environmental sustainability. It could be useful both for learners and for those planning courses if we can develop this list / 'catalogue' of e-resources.

If you have experience of using any of the below, or time to explore them, please add your comments - you can do so by logging in to the Sustainable Healthcare Education network, going to the 'wiki' tab, selecting this wiki, and then clicking on 'edit'.

If you know of other resources, please do add them to the list with any comments. We could perhaps also start to group the resources into different types once we have more information about each.

- Lancet Planetary health educational materials - mainly case studies with questions to stimlate learning -


- Free online MOOC-style course on modeling climate change -



internet resources - sharing

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hello, I mentioned this Wiki to a colleague in EAUC up here at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh. 

They asked if would be ok to list on the sustainabilty exchange

I dont have time jsut now to check for duplication, and thought this would be ok? do you have any objections? of course the sustainability exchange may be of interest to the group.


internet resources- sharing

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Hi Jane,

I don't have any objections at all, happy to be listed on the Sustainability Exchange site.


Food, climate change and sustainability resource

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Hi, the Food Climate Research Network (FCRN) have developed an open source online resource called Food Source (, which is focused on the links between diets, climate change, and environmental sustainability. We are hoping to work with them to develop a more tailor made resource aimed specifically at health professionals in the coming months.


E-learning health and sustainability

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The NurSusTOOLKIT will be launched by Plymouth University on 2nd May 2017. Funded by the EU, 4 European Universities have researched what nurses and health professionals need to know about climate change and sustainability. The result is a free open-access teaching and learning resource of over 60 topics, many available in a number of lanuguages: English, Spanish, German, Dutch, French, Polish.  Many topics will be available from 2nd May 2017 and further topics added throughout the year.