SHE Learning Package 2010-11

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These lesson plans and slides were developed by members of the SHE Network in 2010 to support teaching of the Sustainable Healthcare Education learning objectives. Elements of the package were then tested in a range of medical school settings in academic year 2010-11.

NB: In 2013, the SHE Network published updated priority learning outcomes for sustainability in medical education.


1. Learning Objectives for Medical Students

  • Learning objectives 27.9.2010
  • Learning objectives mapped to Tomorrow's Doctors: this spreadsheet maps the SHE Learning Objectives above to the Outcomes for Graduates in theGMC's Tomorrow's Doctors (2009) curriculum for undergraduate medical training

2. Teaching materials

LO1: Describe the benefits and challenges of sustainable healthcare

LO2: Recognise the role of climate change (as an environmental hazard) in ill-health and discuss ways to mitigate its effects

LO3: Explain the role of doctors as both managers and clinicians in the provision of sustainable healthcare 

LO4: Demonstrate advocacy and leadership skills for sustainable healthcare

3. Evaluation

  • Teacher evaluation of learning materials: form

4. How-to guide

  • This guide is intended to help medical schools build a successful “SHE Team”, creating and exploiting opportunities for sustainable healthcare learning across the curriculum.


With thanks to the editorial team: Kate Charlesworth (NHS Sustainable Development Unit), Isobel Braithwaite (medical student, Cambridge University), Mustafa Abbas (medical student, UCL), Stefi Barna (lecturer, University of East Anglia), Frances Mortimer (Centre for Sustainable Healthcare and Trevor Thompson (senior lecturer, University of Bristol).

These materials have been developed in consultation with the Sustainable Healthcare Education Network.


For further information please contact Frances Mortimer or Stefi Barna.

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SHE Network

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August, 2010

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  • educational materials

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